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(posted on 25 Jan 2018)

Myself, Marie Neder, and AIM (Authors Innovative Marketing, of which I am a member) will be featured in Brookdale's monthly newsletter!  Double Yahoo for me.  Brookdale is a retirement community that is very excited about where they live.  I just starting volunteering in their lovely gift shop.  I am glad to be a part of this center as a volunteer, an author, an author and as an AIM member.  Yahoo again and again.  Read on.



(posted on 12 Jan 2018)

 One in a million.  I love this shot.  It was during the Duck Derby where people buy these little plastic yellow ducks (from local Rotary) and they are gathered up and then dropped into the Rogue River.  I happen to be on the bridge, well on purpose, and I only had my one telephoto lens so this was a little challenging, but I did it.  I photographed the ONE duck.  This does not happen as a rule.  Ah, lady luck was with me or was I with her?  Anyway, enjoy.

Happy January 12th!


My friend and I saw this big bird fly up into a tree at a local park.  We kept looking at it and discovered it was a brown-headed eagle!  Wow.  I've seen bald headed eagles (white head) before but no this magnificent creature.  What a day to end 2017.


Happy 2018



(posted on 28 Dec 2017)

This photo was taken at a park in Grants Pass, Oregon (Riverside Park).  Each year right before Christmas the park will exhibit various displays.  This is my favorite.

They look so joyful.  Happy New Year as well!




One must advertise in whatever means are available.  Gosh, I'm "workin' it" as much as one person can.  I AM the author, the photographer and the marketing representative, as well as speaker and salesperson!  Whew.  This publication goes from Grants Pass down to Ashland and places in between.  This newspaper is all over.  Places like Gooseberries and beyond.  Pick one up and let me know what you think.



(posted on 16 Nov 2017)


I listened to my 5-minute interview on 1270AM KAJO today at 12:50pm.  It was good if I say so myself.  I didn't sound nervous and very few "uh's" and "uhm's."  I am hoping to secure more radio (maybe TV?) interviews in the near future.  

Still workin' it!



(posted on 3 Nov 2017)

Well, time does get away from us, I know it does for me.  Just to give you an update:  On November 1st I attended another Chamber "Greeters" meeting.  You pay $1 plus your business card.  When your name is called (and you don't know when you'll be called) you have 30 seconds to introduce yourself and your service or product.  Whew!  Fun, though.  I actually sold one of my books.  

On November 2nd I was interviewed by Jeanette Stark from KAJO radio regarding "The RecordKeeper."  That was fun.  It will air on November 16th at 12:50pm.  So "stay tuned."  Hey, I can actually say that and mean it!  

As an aside, today November 3rd which is First Friday Art Walk (now I think it's called First Friday Art Live.  This is where businesses, including galleries, stay open until 8 or 9pm) - I was called by Gallery One and was told 2 of my books sold this week and a matted print was sold today.  Plus a couple of my photo cards with matching magnetic magnets.  All of these "sales" make me feel good inside and that I'm on a good path!  So I'll keep on clicking, printing and tracking!



(posted on 21 Oct 2017)

Wow, Friday the 13th was actually a lucky day for me, meaning good luck!  I gave my speech at the Rotary here in Grants Pass, the one that meets at the TapRock restaurant, and I did well.  I practiced and practiced and practiced until I had it down.  I was surprised because I thought it would be in a conference room but it was in the main dining room.  I chose to not use the podium and instead walked around.  I referred to my notes on occasion and made lots of eye contact.  Then a woman came up to me and said she really enjoyed my talk and I was jazzed, of course.  And do you know what happened?  This woman ended up buying 10 books from me the following week.  How great is that!



(posted on 30 Sep 2017)

This was a pretty good time.  This Healthy Food Festival was held at the fairgrounds in Grants Pass, Oregon.  There were plenty of vendors, speakers, people and informative fun!  Informative fun you say!?  Yep.  Learning from anything from healthy eating to wearing healing socks; from Authors Innovative Marketing (of which I was a part) to those selling oils to socks to books and much more.  I had a great time.  Did I sell any books?  Yes.  Did I give away any books?  Certainly, through a drawing - drew two names. Plus I donated one to the event's rafle event. I gave away lots of magnetic bookmarks, magnets for the refrig, and informative rack cards.  And plenty of smiles I gave AND received.

Quoting the Beach Boys "Let's do it again!"


(posted on 20 Sep 2017)

Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Bahamas and surrounding areas - what is happening? Fires in the Western United States - and on and on.  Between crying for those under such pain, death, and destitution - and being grateful for my life - it gets to the point of "cognitive dissonance" big time.  Help however and whenever you (and I) can.  Thank you in advance for sending healing thoughts, prayers, time, money, and more to our brothers and sisters of this very fragile (yet strong) planet of ours.


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