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(posted on 20 Sep 2017)

Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Bahamas and surrounding areas - what is happening? Fires in the Western United States - and on and on.  Between crying for those under such pain, death, and destitution - and being grateful for my life - it gets to the point of "cognitive dissonance" big time.  Help however and whenever you (and I) can.  Thank you in advance for sending healing thoughts, prayers, time, money, and more to our brothers and sisters of this very fragile (yet strong) planet of ours.


(posted on 17 Sep 2017)

Another fun day photographing these cute ducks!  This is an annual event and I believe this is the 12th year.  The Rotary sponsors this event and tickets are sold and there are winners, from $10K towards a new car to other gifts.  I didn't win this time (nor last time!)  The photos shown below:  one from 2017 (Sept. 16th) showing the "few" come tumbling down, and one image from 2011 the "one" that I captured.  It is all fun and goes to a good cause.  Enjoy.

They just couldn't wait!


Talk about "timing!"




What a day, what a fair, what a trip!  I went as an attendee but next year I plan on going as a vendor.  There were a myriad of vendors and booths.  Lots of give-aways and contests to enter, too!  I am very happy that I attended.  I ran into people I knew and met some new acquaintances and maybe (just maybe) some new friends.  Perhaps I'll see you there next year at the Boy's & Gir's Club of Grants Pass.


(posted on 3 Sep 2017)

Well, it is smokin' in the Rogue Valley and many other places in Southern Oregon and beyond. We are surrounded by fires and today, September 3rd has got to be the worst day yet. It is creepy, to say the least.  I wonder what a nuclear fall-out typical day would look like. . .

I stay in for the most part.  

Take care.  I miss our blue skies.





(posted on 24 Aug 2017)

The fires in Southern Oregon, and just about everywhere, so it seems - are hazy, crazy days of Summer.  Whew.  But today some blue sky and a nice sunset.  I did go for a hike yesterday up at Cathedral Hills, just barely south of Grants Pass.  It is a great "local" hiking place.  It is a little bit of sanity even in this small town, not so small anymore, especially with the crime rate increasing - sigh - 

Today off to Staples, look at a mural by Bob Eding and viewing a local photographer's images at People's Bank here in town.  

Life  can be soft and sweet and also swift and sucky - and I'll take it all.



I was one of two featured artists at Gallery One located on historic "G" street in downtown Grants Pass.  I was inside (yes - it was pretty hot even at 5 - 8 pm!) signing my book and showing my displayed photography.

It was hot, sure, but people came in nonetheless.  I even sold some books and cards!  It was fun to talk to people about "The RecordKeeper" and just to chat.  Many came by that I invited, thank you very much!

Attached are some images of my set up!



Whew! That's a mouthful! Every year, well for the past 13 anyway, Lake Selmac in Selma, Oregon (confusing I know!) holds a bluegrass festival featuring several bands and/or individuals. Talk about fun. You bring your own goodies or you can purchase food and drinks there at the lake. Check out the stage! It's an open cargo container and the lake is in the background.

This particular band is called the I V String Band, I V standing for Illinois Valley here in Southern Oregon. A fun, fun time and if you get hot go jump in the lake!

Write On!


(posted on 18 Jul 2017)

Just back (last night) from a 3-day getaway to Bandon, Oregon. Stayed at the Best Western at Facerock. Awesome views and in an arial skyway for the crows, black birds and seagulls! Arrived on Friday the 14th and celebrated all weekend long with my birthday being on the 16th, and had just a fun yet restful time. Visited the downtown Bandon area, of course. Went to the beach and beach combed, of course. I'll include a few photos with this trip. Went to Dillard Horse Camping Park and drove all the way to the lighthouse (non working and cannot go up to the top, only inside) which was awesome to look at the rivers as it meets the ocean. Ate at Edgewater's twice, once to take away fish and chips (yum) and the other for my birthday dinner- triple yum. Photos attached.

(posted on 9 Jul 2017)

Bang! Bang!

It's been going on for the past 2 hours! Either someone is shooting off their gun and/or too much "after the 4th of July" fireworks. Either way it is disturbing, especially in "these hear/here parts!" So time for bed and maybe I'll sleep.

I had a wonderful day spending time with friends including good eats and champagne, too! Then a dip in my friend's pool; we're talking 2 1/2 feet deep - but hey it gets the job done!

Good night and be well


Howdy Hello

Great day here in Grants Pass. Had a wonderful chicken tamale at the Grower's Market followed by a visit to Gallery One. Then stopped off at the Human Society Thrift shop. I enjoy thrift store shopping. Talk about value, and this case, helping our furry friends.

The on to my book signing at Aquarius Books and Gift store. Thanks to those who stopped by to say hello. I even sold a book! Yes! That's always a plus, like icing on the cake. Is that a worn out phrase or what?! But it works and people know what I'm talking about, too :)

Managed to pull my lower back, just by getting up off of the floor! Dang. I'm trusting I will feel a LOT better tomorrow.

Great, great day. July 1st already!

Write On,


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