The RecordKeeper   -   more than a journal


Hi everyone! OK -  Reason #6 July 9, 2018 to avail yourself to “The RecordKeeper” more than a journal if you are a healthcare provider (next week I will concentrate on the careGIVER) you may have asked your patients/clients to document how they felt when they were, for example, experiencing dizzy spells. By writing this information down, even if on a stickie note and is later placed into the journal – it can assist you (Dr. RN, LVN/LPN, FNP, PA, DO, P.T. to name a few) with additional information in order to form a clear diagnosis/diagnoses and further testing, etc. You may ask the patient to note what they ate, how they slept, how they moved and so forth. Some people jot down their symptoms on a calendar or stickie note or even into their phones. Great. However, having one book to document their concerns can be a time saving measure. I will always encourage people to ‘write it down” when they notice that “something just doesn’t feel right” with them. This creates a timestamp for any onset. Of course, if it is a major concern, call you, the provider asap. For your greatest well-being, Marie