The RecordKeeper   -   more than a journal


July 30, 2018 REASON #9 to avail yourself to “The RecordKeeper” - more than a journal. Looking Back on a month or even a few months ago is this week’s reason. As I journal I take note of the weather (yes, the weather – something as mundane as that) as well as the other categories I have mentioned in past “reasons.” As I look back, and I have had to look back when trying to remember a certain detail (for example), and journaling has saved the day. Because I journal/track/document/record-keep on a daily basis I can truly look back a month, two months, a year (?) and read the changes in my life, some good, some not-so-good. However, by reading what has gone before has been informational on so many levels. I don’t believe I’m anal about journaling, maybe to those who never journal I am, but when someone says “take note of this or that” I certainly take it to heart. I know using “The RecordKeeper” can improve your quality of life. How? Just the act of writing which includes coloring and pasting things in your journal is therapeutic; by providing your own own validation of your feelings, actions, pains, joys and so forth. And of course seeing your journal every day provides as certain amount of what, comfort maybe? It does for me and more. Next week I will talk about “my time” through journaling. Write on!