The RecordKeeper   -   more than a journal


July 2, 2018 REASON #5
Journaling can help to alleviate some pain due to a loss. Suppose you lost a close friend through death. By allowing yourself to write down how you are feeling, be it sadness, anger, depression and the like, you avail yourself the healing exercise of writing, almost a lost are The next day you can look back on your written pages (even week by week/day by day) and see how much better you may be feeling or your writings may indicate that you might seek professional counseling. Please continue to track your food intake (lake of appetite? Notate it), exercises or lack thereof. Journaling, tracking, documenting, record-keeping are all so very useful not only for today – for yesterday as well. In fact, many counselors encourage journaling as a healing exercise. “The RecordKeeper” is a viable choice.