The RecordKeeper   -   more than a journal


I started writing down reasons why to buy "The RecordKeeper" in the facebook page "Grants Pass Community Chat," so I thought why not also place this on my website?  What do you think?

June 4 2018  REASON #1 Hello to everyone  who sees this "ad." "The RecordKeeper" more than a journal. This is the first of many reasons to purchase this book, again more than a journal:  Let's say you are being followed for some kind of medical condition and the doctor/nurse/DO/DC etc. wants you to document how you slept, what you ate, what physical activity you did. He/she wants you document all of this information for one month or more! It is all in one book "The RecordKeeper." Available on Amazon, via my website and at local stores in Grants Pass, Oregon. Plus my photography, quotes with a daily promise to yourself is included. And more. . . Best! Marie

June 11 2018 REASON #2  to purchase "The RecordKeeper" : You have a friend (or maybe it is you?) that just can't seem to be or stay organized when taking her/his meds, supplements, you-name-it on a day-to-day basis. This book, more than a journal, can help. All in one book. Along with the interesting images with quotes AND a daily promise to be thankful for just one thing - is easy on the eyes. Think about it. Reason #3 I'll save for next Monday. In the meantime, "For your greatest well-being" Marie