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(posted on 13 May 2018)

I miss my mother very much.  May all of you have a wonderful day and night with your mothers, and/or cherish the memories of your time together.

(posted on 24 Apr 2018)

OK - I received the printed book today and it is "A OKAY" by me.  So let's start selling either and/or both books!





Well, it is official - Amazon has first crack regarding this second "The RecordKeeper" journal.  I will be receiving my printed copy this next week and will double check every page.  I'm excited!!!!   You do not need to buy the first book as it is primarily a journal and that part of the book has not changed.  This book has a bit more about me and my journey thus far in life.  It also has new images with new quotes as well as a Photos Images page with image titles.  You may want to purchase a print or a card with matching bookmark.

This book will retail for $17.00 ($1.00 more as everything goes up, even if just a dollar)

I will have a book launch in June at a local cafe.  Stay tuned!


OK, this is the cover thus far for the second book!  This is a hiking trail near Crescent City, California.  This book will have the same writing format - different images and quotes, plus now I can add the testimonials, a bit more about me and an index for the image titles.







This is will be my second book, same format but different images, a few extra pages about me and testimonials, too.  The following images will be in the new book and are also for sale!


                   A Call to Beauty

 Alone At Last


                        As if from Above


      Stay the Course                                                                  

 There You Are!

              Begin Again         

 Finger Blessing

     Me and my shadow                


.......and more............stay tuned!







(posted on 25 Jan 2018)

Myself, Marie Neder, and AIM (Authors Innovative Marketing, of which I am a member) will be featured in Brookdale's monthly newsletter!  Double Yahoo for me.  Brookdale is a retirement community that is very excited about where they live.  I just starting volunteering in their lovely gift shop.  I am glad to be a part of this center as a volunteer, an author, an author and as an AIM member.  Yahoo again and again.  Read on.



(posted on 12 Jan 2018)

 One in a million.  I love this shot.  It was during the Duck Derby where people buy these little plastic yellow ducks (from local Rotary) and they are gathered up and then dropped into the Rogue River.  I happen to be on the bridge, well on purpose, and I only had my one telephoto lens so this was a little challenging, but I did it.  I photographed the ONE duck.  This does not happen as a rule.  Ah, lady luck was with me or was I with her?  Anyway, enjoy.

Happy January 12th!


My friend and I saw this big bird fly up into a tree at a local park.  We kept looking at it and discovered it was a brown-headed eagle!  Wow.  I've seen bald headed eagles (white head) before but no this magnificent creature.  What a day to end 2017.


Happy 2018



(posted on 28 Dec 2017)

This photo was taken at a park in Grants Pass, Oregon (Riverside Park).  Each year right before Christmas the park will exhibit various displays.  This is my favorite.

They look so joyful.  Happy New Year as well!




One must advertise in whatever means are available.  Gosh, I'm "workin' it" as much as one person can.  I AM the author, the photographer and the marketing representative, as well as speaker and salesperson!  Whew.  This publication goes from Grants Pass down to Ashland and places in between.  This newspaper is all over.  Places like Gooseberries and beyond.  Pick one up and let me know what you think.



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