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Best to your upcoming book signing at Club Northwest on Nov. 19. Journaling is a way to keep records regarding your whole self. Not every one has access to a computer or other techie tools. Marie Neder has two styles of her RecordKeeper, a special place to keep your important info about you.
Susan Jordan - 3 Nov 2018
Great book Marie and wonderful photographs, too. The quotes and forms and oh yes that beautiful magnetic bookmark! So user friendly. I will re-order another one when this one is complete. Cheers!
Lorna Dessenger - 18 Sep 2018
Marie, I just received a copy of your book, the one with the mist in the trees up a trail, and I am really getting into it. I've always liked writing but this is really keeping me focused on my health from every angle. The photos are great and so are the forms. A big thumb's up from me!
Carlos Longfellow - 12 Aug 2018
This has been an exciting year for me. I found a new cousin using DNA, and in so doing, I found her new book. Writing about yourself, in my opinion, can be hard for someone, but if you use Marie's method, it can be fun, informative and could save you life. I wish Marie the best in all her projects and see nothing but good things in the future.
Richard W Gonzalez - 10 Jul 2018
My girlfriend bought me the book, the green one and asked me to try it for 2 weeks. I did and now I'm still writing in it. It's for "real men" too! Thanks Marie.
Tom Knutson - 7 Jul 2018
Marie - I saw your ad on Facebook so I clicked onto your website. Wow, what an informative and visually exciting book. I will order one from you so I can receive the bookmark and signed book. I will email you on the given on this site.
Sue-ann Sorenson - 6 Jun 2018
Marie, saw an "ad" on Facebook so I clicked on your website. Wow! You've got something going on here. I will check out those stores you mentioned on where to buy your books.
Sheri Larssen - 22 May 2018
Wonderful idea and a gift for the family!
Marla Kasdorf - 15 May 2018
Wow Marie - I just ordered and received the second book. Just as nice as the first book, which I am almost finished with. What a gift you have. I will share with others what this book can do for them. Thank you Marie.
Melanie Metzer - 6 May 2018
Marie - I bought your book for my Mom, but now I am buying one for me. A very valuable book and the images and quotes are very nice, too. Thank you Marie
Tracy Tillson - 27 Mar 2018
I'm very excited to work with Marie with her photos for "Another Pathway of The RecordKeeper" journal #2. I'm preparing the photos for printing to go into the Journal. Marie has captured with her camera some very inspirational photos and quotes. Journaling is a good way to track your health challenges and inner most thoughts to keep a record of your whole being. Thanks Marie for creating such a good health tool. Susan Jordan. 3/06/2018
Susan Jordan - 6 Mar 2018
Marie, what a wonderful book and with photos, forms and a bookmark. What you have done with this book should be sold everywhere including mental health, diet places and everywhere in between. Thank you!
Felicia Hackerson - 6 Mar 2018
I received your book, "The RecordKeeper" as a gift and I really like it. I'm not using it every day but most days. It is so handy, too. I enjoy the images and quotes and I love the bookmark, too. Keep on going Marie.
Mary-Ellen Smithssen - 22 Feb 2018
Wow Marie - great job. You have filled a void that so many of us need to fill, even though maybe we didn't know it at the time. I'm glad I ordered through you - in order to receive the signature and the bookmark. Keep going Marie! Bless you.
Trisha Tarkington - 23 Jan 2018
I just received one of your books as a gift. OMG! I really like what I see. I'm not even going to wait until January 1st - I'm starting it today. I will let you know how it goes. I love the bookmark, the forms in the back and oh yeah, the photos.
Cheryl Anderson - 15 Dec 2017
I received your book as a gift and wow - it is one fine journal or tracker. I've been using it since December 1st and so far so good. I enjoy the photographs and quotes, too. Thank you Marie.
Amanda Marie Nigro - 7 Dec 2017
I love my Record Keeper! Each page is large enough to fit different information I like to keep track of, and I like that I fill in the date as I don't journal every day.
Sharon Lorraine - 15 Nov 2017
I am a wellness coach and the first thing I cover is to start journaling as it shows proof when our minds canโ€™t remember correctly. In my experience people seeing correlations to effects equals change. I give the RecordKeeper as a gift because it is very well done and can be used in multiple ways.
Coral - 6 Nov 2017
This is a fine book and very useful for the one journaling, the health-care provider, and even a care-giver. Good for you Marie.
Julia - 12 Oct 2017
Hi Marie, I am comparing my three devises to look at website. 1. My laptop show the small photo image lined up with your words to the far left side. 2. My Kindle Fire shows the small photo image to the far left side with your words. It is able to show how I see your webside on my computer and Kindle Fire of the screen size. 3. My phone screen is smaller so it shows your phot image larger and the words are lined up longer to scroll down as you read your words due to the smaller size screen. Glad to hear your book is being sold to various venues. This is a very good tool and I am glad I have a place to put my health challenges into TheRecordKeeper. Thanks for letting me share with some of the computer work for your book. See you soon. Sue J
Susan Jordan - 11 Sep 2017
The author is inspired to support well-being through journalling. I wish Marie and her book every success.
Charlotte Nuessle - 18 Aug 2017
I started my RecordKeeper on June 1st. It is a very helpful journal for me to track my various medical and day record of food/drink intake along with exercising that I do. I highly recommend this book for all to keep track of their # one importance of ones health.
Susan Jordan - 26 Jul 2017
I love this book and the premise behind it and the awesome woman who wrote and published it! Good for you Marie!! Seeing you being very successful with this
Jan Albright - 25 Jul 2017
I've appreciated this journal even more than I already thought I would. Being a recently graduated student nurse studying for my state exam this journal helps prevent me from putting my own health on the back burner. Not only has it helped me track my sleeping patterns and eating habits but it has also helped me map out a study plan. I admire all of the photographs taken by the author/photographer and the quotes throughout that are inspirational in their own way, leaving room for interpretation by me the reader and being able to apply those thoughts to my day, week, month. I love my RecordKeeper and plan to continue using it until I need another and will purchase again. I also love the fact that I will be able to look back on these moments in my life referring to times of stress AND joy and my coinciding health patterns. And lastly, it is so helpful to have a place I can record all of my vaccinations as an easy reference for when I start working as a nurse!! Very well put together journal, compliments to the author!
Ashley Thompson - 9 Jul 2017
Congratulations! Writing a book is one of the hardest things to do, in life. Publishing it, on your own, makes it much harder. A big accomplishment!...and helping others too...
Joe Spickard - 9 Jul 2017
Marie has a created an excellent RecordKeeper health journal. We all should keep track of our physical health, surgeries and other procedures, medications, etcetcetc. In addition, journaling about our mental, emotional, and spiritual journeys can be helpful and healing.
Doranne Long, PT, MS - 20 Jun 2017
I am looking forward to having a copy of your "journal." Can you sell me one at the next AIM meeting? (saves postage - ha, ha)
Judi Holdeman - 19 Jun 2017
Hi Aunt Marie! My favorite aunt in the world!! I'm very proud of your accomplishment!! Look forward to watching your presentation. Very excited for you. Love you very much!! Julie๐Ÿ˜š๐Ÿ˜š๐Ÿ˜š๐Ÿ˜š
Julie Pfrenzinger - 16 Jun 2017
The Record Keeper . . . our memories, our moments, expressed in ritual. A great book by an aware lady with a strictly positive impulse. A delightful person . . . a delightful read
e' benderwebb - 14 Jun 2017
What a wonderful book you have put together, I am intrigued. Congratulations on your publication, I'll be ordering soon. It may just be the book I need at this point in my life to get back on track. Thanks Marie for the web address.
Maria P Urso - 14 Jun 2017
Yes, I'm commenting on my own website. It's only right that I should be #1!!!!! Few words: Awesome! Informative! Humorous! Black and white photos with great quotes included! Did I mention - more than a journal?! Best, Marie
Myself - 14 Jun 2017
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